New hidden sleeve 2.0 protection for k9 handlers, k9 decoys, civilian traning, mondioring…


  • New velcro system much more robust and protected.
  • New inner fabric that will help further dissipate the dog’s bite, which allows it to be used both for civilian training and under the suit.
  • Designed and manufactured to be the perfect complement for K9 police decoys, K9 police handlers, K9 decoys, K9 handlers, professional trainers, extras, mondioring, french ring…
  • Light and confortable.
  • Made with textile nanotechnology.
  • Anti-bite and anti-penetration fabric, avoiding pain and bruising.
  • Breathable, they prevent and eliminate sweating on the arms.
  • Flexible and light, they do not impede the mobility of the arm itself.
  • Inner lining.

We ship to the USA, Canada and UK in 48 – 72 hours.


Made with the latest generation textile fibers, and applying nanotechnology, the new version 2.0 of our hidden sleeve protection for dogs will help you in the daily training of your dog in a safe way, also being a very pleasant fabric for the dog's mouth thanks to its anti-penetration properties, lightness and breathability.

They are designed as hidden leg protection, becoming the perfect complement for handlers, decoys, trainers, extras, mondioring, french ring...

Equipped with a very pleasant outer coating in contact with the skin, which in addition to not penetrating the dog's teeth, helps distribute and diffuse the pressure exerted by its jaw, as well as a new inner technical fabric that will help dissipate even more dog bite.

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