• Made with our certified anti-bite fabrics, to which we apply nanotechnology techniques
  • Extra strong velcro system
  • New inner fabric that will help further dissipate the dog’s bite, which allows it to be used always under the suit.
  • Designed and manufactured to be the perfect complement for K9 police decoys, K9 police handlers, K9 decoys, K9 handlers, professional trainers, extras, mondioring…..
  • Breathable, they prevent and eliminate sweating on the arms.

We ship worldwide. To the USA, Canada and UK in 48 – 72 hours.


At dog armour PRO we go one step further and launch on the market our NEW SLEEVE UNDER SUIT

Made with our anti-penetration fabrics, in which we always apply nanotechnology, our NEW SLEEVE UNDER SUIT is designed to be used always under a suit, or a training jacket, thus helping to completely dispel the bites of very strong dogs.


Always use under a suit or training jacket

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